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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Daemons of Chaos Roundup

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Hobby Articles:

Painting Fiends of Slaanesh.  You could easily use the steps described to paint up your entire army.

How to paint Plague Bearers! Again you could use these methods to paint more than just Plague Bearers.

Army Reviews:

Just push’em forward, and you’ll do fine! Seriously though if you know of a Daemons of Chaos review please email me the link at

Message boards:

The Daemonic Legion

Army Podcasts Reviews:

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Youtube Videos:

Tom Richard faces off against Uk Masters attendee and Team England ETC player Nick Pym.

Another high quality battle report from Vaulsc!  He faces off against Daemons with his WOC.

Mrreef3 has put together this great looking  vid-cast Dwarfs versus Deamons.

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