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Saturday, 1 July 2017

X-Wing Miniatures Game Storage Solutions and Carrying Cases Reviewed

The following is a repost from the website.

I love the X-wing miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games.  I love how you really only need a couple ships to play a great strategic game.  However, the game does come with a lot of dials, tokens, templates, and much more.  It is important to have all these bits of cardboard organized, not to mention keep you miniature safe, otherwise if your like me you'll be losing your mind trying to find where the heck you put that evade token. So below are some quick and easy solutions.

The Cheapest X-Wing Miniature Storage Solution

The Creative Options plastic compartment is durable, and allows you to configure it in just about anyway you want.  You can have a total of three slots or twenty eight.  Check out more about this great X-wing storage solution here.

  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • 5 to 34 compartments
  • Great for tokens and miniatures

The above video by the Force Within TV channel gives an excellent review of the creative options case. It's very similar to the plano cases, but better in my opinion. Find it here, or simple watch it above.

Plano Carrying Case

Now I really enjoy using the Creative Options carry case above because it's cheap and effective,. However, as the amount of ships you own expands the cases need to expand.  Therefore you need somewhere to put the cases. The Creative Options Grab and Go organizes your smaller cases.  It comes with four cases.  One for your Imperials/First Order, One for the Scum and Villainy, and one for the super awesome Rebel Alliance! (No bias here). Plus you can have one case completely dedicated to your tokens and dials etc.  This miniatures storage solution can be found here.


    • Price: click the product image for current price. 
    • Tons of room!
    • Great for a growing collection

Stanley Organiser X-Wing Storage

During my research I was reading an awesome post by some of the members over at Board Game Geek and came across what I think is the best X-wing miniatures storage solution.  One user had even kept all the plastic casing from the original miniature packages, and used that to help store the miniatures.  The key difference between the Stanley and Plano carrying cases is that the Stanley model has removable slots.  That means if you use a lot of focus tokens like I do, then you can remove the slot with the tokens and place them on the table.  I will be at some point moving on from my plano cases and picking up some of these Stanley carrying cases. I suggest you purchase both models with 25 and 10 compartments here.

  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • You can buy a case with larger slots
  • 10 or 25 slots

The above video by the Force Within TV channel gives an excellent review of the Stanley organizer. Find the full video which reviews the best Star Wars X-Wing storage solution.

X-wing Case

I'm a big fan of the guys over at Battlefoam, however I find that there shipping rates can get a little out of hand, and they can be a bit over priced.  Feldherr however offers free shipping on their carrying cases, and they come in generic professional looking cases. Like Battlefoam you can also find on their website special cut foam just for the X-wing miniatures game.

This is a perfect storage solution if you have all the ships, but otherwise you may just want to go with the pick and pluck or regular infantry slots for storage.  I did this for a long time with an old Games Workshop case, but found it was a little too big.  But I'm a competitive player that would usually only be playing with a select few ships, and so found carrying around my complete collection was a bit much. They do now have smaller micro cases now, so although they are a bit more expensive, be sure to check it out: To get free shipping on a Feldherr case click here.

  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • Protects painted miniatures best
  • Various configurations, but 180 small ships for reference.

The Carrying Case Comparison

If your just getting started I'd suggest picking up the single Creative Options storage case above.  It's cheap and durable, and will allow you to
spend more money getting caught up on all the X-wing Expansions.  If you are a veteran I'd suggest going with the Stanley or Feldherr miniature carrying cases.


If you are tight for cash the single Plano storage case is the cheapest, but for just a few more dollars I'd pick the Stanley case.

Best Overall?

Unless you have painted miniatures, I believe the Stanley carry case with it's removable compartments makes for the best overall carrying case.  I'd suggest if your a painter that you'll want to invest in a proper miniatures case by Battlefoam or Feldherr.  Although I'd still suggest picking-up the Stanley case for all the tokens and bits.  Pick-up the Stanley X-wing storage case here.


Remember it's important to find the perfect X-wing miniatures storage solution, otherwise you'll end up with broken X-wings like I have!  I hope this overview help you make your decision, and until next time keep making time to improve your health and for the geeky things you love to do.  Stay healthy and stay geeky.

This review of the various X-Wing miniatures solutions was first posted here on

Also here is a great video on different techniques for organizing all the X-Wing game bits.

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Monday, 10 October 2011

F.B.R. M.I.A.

A recent game versus @amysrevenge 
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses:

Massive apologies to all those who have been following me on the blog and twitter.  Life has been a bit of a challenge the last few weeks.  We have had new students attending the school I teach at, and although I love working with any kids, this group of students have been a challenge, and so my day job is now taking more energy than it used to.  Additionally, the school district I work for has entered the first phase of strike action, and I just happen to be the union representative at my school, so a lot of my free time has been dedicated to communicating with my staff instead of interacting with the awesome Warhammer Fantasy online community.  All of this plus a bit more stress from other angles left me burnt out, and with a complete lack of energy to but into FBR.

The game was Vampires versus Dwarfs!

Transition Time:

But now that life is settling down the blog is going to be up and running again, right?  Unfortunately, it looks like the four hours plus of time I was dedicating to the blog will need to be reassigned. My wife and I teach in a small community about 7000km away from our home town.   We both want to move our family back home.  However, the competition for teaching jobs there is so high that it will take us several years of subbing before we land a full time position. Subbing for several years doesn't appeal to either of us, so we are looking at retraining, or starting an online business, which means less time for the hobby, and no time for hobby side projects :-(
I lost the game in the end, but it was
the best I've had in months...Thanks Mike!

I'm Lovin It:

All this said I'm still lovin Warhammer and will continue to paint, play, and tweet about my hobby!  Thanks to everyone who has supported and read the blog, and apologies to my lack of comments on many of the blogs I've been following!

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Wicked Pic Wednesday: Chaos Marauders

Spreading the word about awesome Warhammer Fantasy online content is the reason I started this blog, and so Wicked Pic Wednesday will be an occasional mid-week post, which spot lights some awesome work on the web!  I won't be trying to find epic pics like these every week, but when I do come across them, I'll be posting by this title!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Terrorgheist - Competitive Challenge

The Terrorgheist is the latest monster for Warhammer Fantasy, and continues a long trend of bringing massive monsters to each of the Warhammer armies. Many players around the web have suggested it's a poor choice, including Bad Dice Podcaster Mark Wildman. But some players, are taking on the challenge to use what seems to be a less than optimal choice...

So what's the problem with this enormous bat?
  1. Many suggest the worst possible regeneration save is like having no save at all!
  2. Secondly the massive base size means it's easier to shoot off the table...
  3. And the base size also means it can be difficult to move.

Monday, 22 August 2011

#Miniature Monday: Gamer Cred

More of My Mini's:

As mentioned previous I've decided I'll be including more of my own work on the blog.  This post, as suggested by the title, details my gaming history, but you can expect #Miniature Monday to include, painting progress updates, battle reports, and more!  Be sure to let me know what you think?

I'd love to see a Hero Quest type game added to the Warhammer Fantasy line of products.  

In the Beginning:

I was first hooked on fantasy in general by playing the board game Hero Quest.  About a year later I was taken to a proper gaming store and bought fourth edition High Elves, Silver Helms and Goblins only to realize they weren't actually painted as seen on the box.  I soon got over my disappointment, when I started to grasped just how cool a game Warhammer Fantasy was!