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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Terrorgheist - Competitive Challenge

The Terrorgheist is the latest monster for Warhammer Fantasy, and continues a long trend of bringing massive monsters to each of the Warhammer armies. Many players around the web have suggested it's a poor choice, including Bad Dice Podcaster Mark Wildman. But some players, are taking on the challenge to use what seems to be a less than optimal choice...

So what's the problem with this enormous bat?
  1. Many suggest the worst possible regeneration save is like having no save at all!
  2. Secondly the massive base size means it's easier to shoot off the table...
  3. And the base size also means it can be difficult to move.

But when using any unit it's important to know how to minimize it's weaknesses, and one thing people maybe forgetting is that the Terrorgheist is undead.  So, as the Garagehammer guys suggested you can easily heal the beast!  Even if it takes a cannon ball to the face first turn, it's likely you'll be able to heal up that hole in your pretty bat.

Unfortunately, you'll only be healing back one wound per casting of Invocation unless you follow the advice of Vengeance Crusader on the Carpe Noctem forums, and keep a Lodestone equipped Corpse Cart near by making the healing process even quicker.

Lastly, I've found that the base size isn't that difficult to maneuver around the table because most Vampire Counts armies are very compact.  This coupled with the fact that the monster can fly helps over come the difficulty.  But how do you maximize it's effectiveness?

My first game with the Terrorgheist vs OnG!

Some people, myself included, think the Terrorgheist can be part of a competitive army because...

  1. The Scream has the potential to kill anything in the game!
  2. Thunderstomping monsters tend to swing important combats in your favor...
  3. And lastly the Terrorgheist simply adds to target saturation.

N.I.B another member of the Carpe Noctem forums proposes the beast gives VC players a way to deal with all the other big monsters out there.  And this is exactly how I've been using the big bat.  I like to sit it centrally behind my main line, and fly it out to scream at incoming monsters.

Danny_Darko of the Garagehammer Forums points out that with it's decent amount of attacks, the death shriek, thunderstomp, and the infested upgrade can really punch a hole in a unit, but I'd suggest picking on smaller elite units, of course.

Lastly the potential of the Terrorgheist is going to scare a lot of new players, so they'll be shooting at it and hopefully that means your Grave Guard, Vargulf, and Black Coach will have time to get into combat before drawing fire.  I've played four games with the TG now and I've been glad I've taken it in each one. Now I just need to get it painted up!

Thanks for reading and to all the contributors!  Let me know what you think of the latest GW monster?


Here are the two contributing discussions:

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Corpe Noctem:

Checkout Mini Junkie for more great pics of this Terrorgheist!


  1. I think the approach of making new monsters in more of an supportive role is great instead of under priced killing machines that is also hard to kill (like the a-bomb and Hydra).

    And even if the new large bases aren't that great rules wise they sure look awesome on the tabletop. Glad you liked it in your games and great read.

  2. Hey Johan, It's awesome to get a comment of one of my longer posts! I think you've summed up the TG's balanced. Meaning it has strengths and weaknesses :-)

    I really do love what the model brings to the VC and will be taking it instead of a unit of Wraiths...

    Anyone else going to be using the Terrorgheist for competitive play?

  3. With all the new monsters being put on those enormous bases you really cant complain about the base size. People just have to learn to maneuver something that big and minimize attacks coming back on it be combo charging and or getting flanks. If you use it like a hell pit and run it right at the enemy it'll die but with some finesse who knows what it can do?

    Good article as usual dude!

  4. Thanks for the comment Chris! It will be interesting to see what the new VC are going to look like. Hoping to get back to the blog soon, September was a bit nuts for me!

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