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Monday, 22 August 2011

#Miniature Monday: Gamer Cred

More of My Mini's:

As mentioned previous I've decided I'll be including more of my own work on the blog.  This post, as suggested by the title, details my gaming history, but you can expect #Miniature Monday to include, painting progress updates, battle reports, and more!  Be sure to let me know what you think?

I'd love to see a Hero Quest type game added to the Warhammer Fantasy line of products.  

In the Beginning:

I was first hooked on fantasy in general by playing the board game Hero Quest.  About a year later I was taken to a proper gaming store and bought fourth edition High Elves, Silver Helms and Goblins only to realize they weren't actually painted as seen on the box.  I soon got over my disappointment, when I started to grasped just how cool a game Warhammer Fantasy was!

Good Guys:

My first Warhammer army was 4th edition High Elves.  I developed into an avoidance type player, that ran circles around the enemy, and only picked on the weakest of enemy units. The Elves did well in several campaigns in 5th edition, but sadly I sold them later to fund my Magic the Gathering collection.

Educated Wargamer:

After University I returned to the game with the Storm of Chaos!  I put together a Middenheim army thanks to funds I raised flipping armies on eBay.  I actually bought poorly listed armies, and took decent pics and re-sold them for profit!  I played through a cool General's Compendium map based campaign with the army, but never really had much luck with them.

First Finished:

The first army I was able to complete painting was by beloved Dwarfs.  Teaching in the far north meant I had little else to do.  I also managed to discover Podhammer during this time.  I was Compelled by the show to begin entering tournaments, and have been enjoying them since.

Wicked Warriors:

In one of my favourite hobby moments, two of my friends and I started a Tale of Three Gamers army building project.  Playing once a month, we built our armies up to a 1000.  I've since taken the Warriors to many tournaments, and have made tons of new friends, as well as, had some exceptionally great times!

Modern Monsters:

Despite the fact that I still want to get back to playing a defensive list like my old High Elves, I've been piecing together another agressive army: The Vampire Counts.  I've recently invested in all of the new toys, and have been micro blogging my progress on @FBroundup.  Later this week, with the help of the community I'll be writing up my thoughts on the Terrorgheist!  Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think of #Miniature Monday?


  1. Really cool to see pictures of your armies and a great read. Especially like all the different Ogre conversions, great stuff!

  2. Love the Drogre's, they are some of the best I've seen using the Cold One - Black Orc hybrid. And I always feel nostalgic when I find someone else who was introduced to the hobby through Hero Quest.

  3. It's great to see a timeline of your warhammer journey mike!

  4. @SpaceCowboy...Thanks was a lot of fun tracking down old pics of minis, and looking back at what I had done. I love converting and kit bashing, and the Ogres were a lot of fun to convert, and quick to paint too!

    @Mark...Thanks for reading! The Drogre's were pretty straight forward, but thank you! The Ogre heads are a bit big, but I'm pretty happy with them. I played Hero Quest at school on a board game day...and was then introduced to 'The Hobbit'...the rest is history :-)

    @Adam...Thanks Adam it was a lot of fun putting together this post! I have to admit I got the idea from listening to podcasts...they're always asking guests to give their gamer cred :-)

  5. Seeing that Hero Quest box makes me hard as lol. As usual nice article!!

  6. Didn't mean to get you that excited! lol...thanks for reading! Should have the Terrorgheist post up tomorrow! :-)

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