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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Weekly Roundup: New Vampire Counts

Weekly Roundup?

The Weekly Roundup will be replacing what was my Mid-week Inspiration posts. The Mid-week Inspirational started as motivational pics with a bit of commentary, but has since turned into a roundup of Warhammer Fantasy online content, so Weekly Roundup is a more fitting name, I think?

This month's White Dwarf has kicked up quite a fuss on the interwebs because it contains new Vampire Counts rules.  Not just rules, but official Warhammer rules!  While visiting family in Atlantic Canada I was able to drop by a GW to purchase the White Dwarf less then a week after it's release, but they had completely sold out! Fortunately for me, a good friend gave me his copy!

Sweet new Zombie Dragon!

Nefarious News

I first came across the news of the up coming Vampire Counts release on a great New Zealand Blog The Fields of Blood.  The site is always quick to post news, and with three contributors has a steady stream of content.  The Warhammer Fantasy releases include:

Zombie Dragon/Terrorgheist
Cairn Wraith
Tomb Banshee
Garden of Moor
And some Finecast crap...

One of the first blogs I checked on after finding the news was Mr Saturday's Mumblings.  Mr Saturday has painted up a phenomenal Vampire Counts horde, but is currently working on a sweet looking Firmir army.  I was very pleased to read that he likes the look of the new Terrorghiest's rules, and so I'm hoping he'll consider painting one up!

The Terrific Terrorghiest found on Coominiornot!

Rules Reviewed:

I did however find the best content regarding the latest White Dwarf and Vampire Counts release at Ineptus Gameus.  Author Gaz Taylor has done a great job of not only reviewing the latest White Dwarf, but reviewing the new VC rules as well.  I encourage you to check out the post, but some of his thoughts include:
  1. Using Wraiths as characters frees up space for a Terrorghiest in the rare section...
  2. The Terrorghiest's 100mmx150mm base is incredibly easy to hit with a cannon!
  3. But a thunderstomping monster literally flying up a flank isn't something you can ignore...

Personally I love the fact that the Vampire Counts have been given new blood, pun intended.  I had recently acquired a VC army from a friend getting out of the hobby, and despite having fun with it at a doubles tournament, I was still thinking about trading it for another army.  The new rules and new models have completely changed my mind!  Finecrap aside, I've bought all the new releases, and I'm looking forward to trying out my new toys this weekend!

Stay Tuned:

Be sure to stay tuned for further thoughts on the Terrorghiest! And checkout the updated Dwarf and Warriors of Chaos Army Roundups!  Thanks, and please let me know what you think of the new VC?



  1. SOOOOOOOO sexy! I really like the zombie dragon!

  2. Agreed...but the best part of the Zombie Dragon is the Vampire... absolutely awesome! I'm currently working on the Terrorghiest's pretty sexy too :-)

  3. Really great stuff for VC and I think it's great with these mini releases with new models and rules for them. Gonna buy the Zombie dragon/Terrorgheist when I want to start up my VC army again (or probably sooner :P )

  4. The Terrorghiest is an awesome and cheap alternative for a vc army that was starting to become stale in 8th ed.

  5. Thanks for the comments Johan and Andy!

    @ Johan...the models are amazing, but i'm concerned about them holding up on the gaming table. They are very thin, and would be impossible to repair if they broke in certain places.

    @Andy... couldn't agree more! I'm assembling the model right now!

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