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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Random Gaming Reflections: How to Rock the Storm of Magic

I'm still playing the latest Warhammer Fantasy supplement, are you?

I have managed to play a couple games of Storm of Magic, and have some thoughts on list writing that, I think, will maximize the fun factor when playing the latest Warhammer supplement! Let me know what you think?

Go Without:

First, their are several things you should simply go without in a game of Storm of Magic:

-Small support units
-Too many lores of magic

One of my Storm of Magic games, 5000pts!
The small support units I believe should be left at home, and replaced by cheap monsters, which can fill a similar roll, but also fit the theme!  Eliminating these support units should also save time with setup, and speed up the flow of the game.

I also believe most players should limit themselves to one or no warmachines because it’s no fun when you’ve just finished painting up your awesome new monster, that you use just in Storm of Magic games, only to take it off first turn because of a lucky cannon shot.

Lastly I’ve found the biggest problem with storm of magic is that there are too many choices in the magic phase.  So don’t take a ton of different magic lores, I’d try to stick to two, and ensure you’ve got a clear plan for your magic.  Otherwise trying to co-ordinate a magic phase, especially with an ally, is going to give you a serious headache!

Monsters and Magic Oh My:

So what do you need then?

-Massive horde units
-Lots of Wizards

As mentioned pervious, support units should be left at home allowing you to have massive horde units!  This should simplify the normal game of Warhammer, and allows you to concentrate on the most important part of Storm of Magic…capturing fulcrums and casting mega death spells!

Additionally, to maximize the fun you really need to actually take monsters, and for good measure take a giant.  These guys aren’t the greatest tournament choices anymore, but man can they do some funny shizz! And leave the Lamasu at home, it’s not any fun.

Checkout more pics of this cool conversion here.
Storm of magic isn’t going to be much fun if you find half way through the game you don’t have any wizards left.  So paint up some extras to allow you to capture those fulcrums because monsters and miscasts I going to make short work of them!

In closing, Storm of Magic has tons of potential to be an awesome time if you take steps to ensure that the game isn’t going to take forever.  Remember it’s just a bit of fun with friends, don’t compare it to ‘Real Warhammer' think of it as a beer and pretzels game not a strategic wargame!

Stay Tuned:

Next post will be a roundup of thoughts on the new Vampire Counts miniatures and rules. Let me know what you think about the new VC, or what you think about my Storm of Magic suggestions? Thanks for reading!

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  1. A great article to read through. I haven't had a chance to play a game yet, but I'm eager to buy a copy of the rules and paint up some monsters. I'll definitely follow the pointers from your article as soon as I get a chance though.

    By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog :-). It was greatly appreciated.

  2. No worries Trev...your blog is very inspirational, and if there wasn't so many awesome new releases for the Vampires I'd be working on some chosen now! Keep up the great work!

  3. "Don't compare it to Real Warhammer, it's just a bit of fun" - you're not implying that normal Warhammer isn't meant to be fun are you Mike? :P

  4. 'Real Warhammer' fun? naahhhh :-) Thanks for the comment Lenny! It made me notice that I actually repeated myself in the last maybe I meant to :-) I've changed the line to read "don’t compare it to ‘Real Warhammer' think of it as a beer and pretzels game not a strategic wargame!" I think this is what I was trying to say...but thanks for the funny comment anywhooo!

  5. Really nice reflections Mike, haven't tried it out yet but it seems like a really nice addition to the game. There's no chance of seeing bat rep from one of your battles?

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback! I'll see what I can do about a battle report. I'm trying to get a monster sized game together on the 27th, could do a report on that! Thanks for the idea, and keep up the great work on your blog!