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Thursday, 11 August 2011

One Month Down: FBR's Future

Ample Appreciation:

I just wanted to write up a quick post thanking the FBR readers and contributors, and let you know what I have in store for the future. The first month has been great fun, and with your support the blog has achieved:

- 100 views or more from five different countries...

- 5 posts which have exceeded one hundred views...

- And just under 600 views per week!

An awesome pic from FBR's first post on RHQ back in March!
Adjustments and Advancements:

I'll be tinkering with how I write articles, and the type of articles I write in the coming months.  I would appreciate any feedback you could give me on these changes.  Some of my plans include:

The original FBR logo!
- Creating more scan friendly/ faster read posts...

- Including my own personal hobby updates and gaming reflections...

- Finishing off the Army roundup section of the site

- And revisiting old posts to update them

Hobby Heroes:

I've come to realize that many of the Warhammer Fantasy blogs I enjoy are hobby sites, and although I want FBR to be a unique WHFB blog which helps to connect the online community, and provides great gaming resources, I'd also like to challenge myself to become a better painter by sharing my hobby progress.  I plan on painting a lot of the new Vampire Counts models to add to my current collection.  I've already purchased and assembled the Tomb Banshee, and I can say it's an awesome kit.  I'm also looking forward to working on the Garden of Moor, a Cairn Wrath, and the Terrorgheist!

You can also expect posts on the upcoming Ogre Kingdoms, and a series of posts on 8th edition tactics similar to the Where’s all the Heavy Cavalry?

Thanks for reading!



  1. Sounds good dude. I would love to see some of your painting/insights into WFB. The roundup rules too, as i dont have the time to troll the net like i used too so i find checking your site every few days gives me enough net Warhammer stuff to keep me happy. But i gotta go for a run then paint a ton of 40k crap....fml.

    Look forward to more!!!!

  2. Thanks Chris! It's the positive feedback that keeps me going! I hope you continue to post pics of your own hobby exploits on your blog as well. That terrain and board look great, and made me want to add to my terrain collection!

    And thanks for contributing to FBR!

  3. I love the way your blog brings together so much great content from other sites. That being said I'm always interested in seeing more and would welcome seeing your own work alongside everyone else's.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for the kind words! It's what keeps me going...I'm looking forward to checking out your blog!