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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Midweek Inspiration: Goblin Goodness!

As mentioned before on the blog, I love my Warhammer Fantasy Goblins.  I can remember opening up a White Dwarf and seeing an all Goblin army for the first time back in 5th edition.  The army had a Goblin Lord mounted on an Ice Dragon.  I can't remember why Ice or White Dragons were so good, but it made for an interesting looking army.

Happy Holidays:

Talking about interesting looking armies, Big Mike has been hard at work on his new Orcs and Goblins.  He's been show casing his works in progress on Twitter, and as you can see he's selected an interesting theme.  I really want to see one of those stop motion Youtube videos using some of these guys as characters!  Though I'm not sure if someone nicknamed Big Mike would be able to do the squeaky voices the gobbos would need.

Frosty learns to Fight!

The Bobo has been hard at work on his Goblins of the Snow White Hills.  His latest edition isn't a snow dragon, but an awesome Snowman.  But, maybe a snow dragon is in the works for Storm of Magic games? You can checkout this awesome gobbo project at

Bright Blues:

Although the projects above are both unique, I think the award for most interesting Goblin themed army goes to Tom Mcclure.  His Blue Balls of Fury army didn't need a white dragon to make it look interesting! I'm sure your wondering how this is even an army, or what the heck the phallic looking character represents?  Checkout Tom's blog for more details!

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what was so special about a White Dragon, if you remember?



  1. Get the whole army blog here if you want to see more.

  2. Thanks Mike...totally forgot you gave me that link before! So is the Youtube vid in the works? lol!