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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Community Roundup

Some Context

Fantasy Battle Roundup is a unique WHFB blog that is all about connecting you, the reader, with all the great Warhammer content that is generated by the online community.  The 'Army Roundup' section of the blog will become a valuable resource for the online community, which provides a list of hobby and gaming resources for each of the WHFB armies.

I believe this will be a useful resource because we play a game that has gone through many editions, and so it can often be difficult to hunt down current tips and tactics via search engines.

An Apology

 At this point I need to apologize to
those that have already checked the Army Roundup section because I ran into some serious problems posting links, and many of the links were left dead.  To my knowledge they should all be working now, but please contact me at if you find any that aren't working.

Fan Art

Painting and race specific terrain tutorials

Army Reviews

Race specific Message Boards

Related podcasts

Battle reports

Race specific blogs

Help Needed

For those of you who have read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I love to crowd source, and so it seemed natural that I would ask for the help of the community in finding the very best army resources for the Army Roundup section.  So please, if you know of any resources, which fall under the categories above, list them in a comment, and if you are a fan of this army roundup idea then please share this post on facebook or twitter.  The more people we can reach, the greater the resources we will find.  Just click on the tool bar below to share.  Thanks for reading!

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