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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Warsphinx: Death and Destruction!

Brutal Beast

It seems like GW is determined to make sure every WHFB army has at least a couple of monster options to take into battle.  The Tomb Kings are no exception, and most players advise that the Khemrian Warsphinx is the most effective of the TK options.  But previously we’ve mentioned that the Sphinx isn’t a point and click monster like some, but really needs to be used effectively.  So how do you get the most out of your Sphinx, and what is the best way to take it down?  With the help of the online community I was able to address these two questions!

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Super Support Sphinx

Russ Veal has been blogging over on the Heelanhammer forum, and even though it sounds like he’s been insanely busy at work, he did manage to report his thoughts on taking the mighty Tomb Kings to Summer Incursion.  His major take away from the tournament was that the Tomb Guard are over priced, and the Warsphinx is far more cost effective.  So, he’s started painting up a pair of the monsters!  It seems like Russ is really taking the time to do a proper job on the beasts, and I plan on watching his progress closely! Rob another Tomb Kings player, and the author of Random Digression Gamer says that the WarSphinx with the breath weapon option is going to be an important part of any tournament build.  He likes the fact that the fiery roar ability gives the sphinx a chance to take down a Hydra or Treeman in combat, just encase your skull catapults can’t get the job done.  The breath weapon is not only for use in combat, but can be extremely useful during the shooting phase.  Milo of suggests roasting a big horde unit during the shooting phase is going to net you more casualties than the 2d6 during the combat phase. I just recently had my Khrone Marauders flamed by Lizardmen Salamanders, and so know just how painful breath weapons can be. Other than the fiery roar its already been stated in the TK Balanced or Broken post that I believe that the Sphinx should be used to support infantry units, but I also agree with Legion of Setep on the forums, that you could use the Sphinx to hold up enemy units and then counter charge the chariots and knights into the enemy flank.  This of course is easier said then done, and means you’ll need to be eliminating the oppositions support units with your catapults and archers, but as Simon put it on the Heelanhammer TK review, this is a players army.  You need to ensure you’re using it as a combined arms force if you want to be successful because even the high toughness of the Warsphinx isn’t going to last long with it’s limited amount of wounds. 

Another great looking mini painted by:
Titanic Trouble

RHQ blogger Adam Tremblay has written up a review of the Tomb King core and special choices, and has done a fantastic job at outlining what you don’t want to do with your Sphinx.  He mentions that cavalry units and even the tougher chariots have the ability to hold up the monster, and prevent it from supporting your main blocks.  This sounds like a great way to take on the Warsphinx with my warriors.  Hold up the beast with a chariot or knights, and crush the other main blocks with my warriors and great weapon wielding marauders. Andrew Sherman of the Ohiohammer podcast is another player who suggested he’d wanted to be taking on the Sphinx with his Chariots, but thought that monsterours infantry matches up nicely because it can’t be killing blowed by the Tomb Guard, or thunder crushed/stomped by the beast.  So knights, chariots and monsterous infantry are great ways to hold up the Warsphinx, but how do people plan on taking it down.  Youtube battle reporter Tom Richards suggests the Dark elves have some great options.  Tom suggests tons of low strength shooting can soften up the Sphinx, and then witches with an extra attack and poison are going to shread it pretty quick.  Mindrazored witches would do even better job, or Pit of Shades can take down the sluggish monster as well. The Dark Elves will surely be a hard match for the Tomb Kings.   It’s important to remember that the Khemrian Warsphinx has great potential, and many uses, but also has its limitations, so make sure you know how to play, if you lose one or two of the monsters early.  I look forward to hearing how you’ve used the Sphinx effectively, or how you plan on taking it down? Please leave a comment below or on Twitter @FBroundup

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Mike Sweetman

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