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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tournament Roundup: Out of the Basement 2011

Tournament reports aren't a regular part of this blog, but after my last attempt I had some good feedback, and so thought I'd give it another shot!

Roundup Reflections:

This year I was able to attend the Annual ‘Out of the Basement’ Tournament in Edmonton, Canada. Going into this tournament I had zero practice games with my new Warriors of Chaos list, and so knew I was going to struggle,
but hoped that keeping to a strict deployment, and being aggressive, would help me be successful.  Unfortunately, deployment is where I went wrong.  I spread my line far to thin, and after some thought realised I should have had things much more compact.  Having my fast moving knights and ogres in front of my main line of marauders and warriors would have allowed me to punch through weaknesses in my opponents line or allowed me to setup for possible game winning counter charges.  I finished with a win, a draw, and three losses, but it was awesome meeting, so many people I’ve talked to online, and will be doing everything I can to make sure I make my way back next year!

You can see I’ve spread myself pretty thin here versus the Dwarfs.

Match versus MrMalorian

With the work I’ve been doing and will be continuing to do on the FBR site I won’t be writing up a full tournament report; however, I did manage to play versus MrMalorian a Youtube battle reporter!  It also happens that this was by far the best game I had at the event! Unfortunately I really made a mess of my deployment in the game, but thanks to some decent luck I was able to make a game of it! Check out the report here.  I’ve also linked many of his videos in the Army Roundup section of the blog, so let me know what you think of them?
Mr. Malorians massive units of Orcs and Gobbos are very fitting for an Orc horde! He managed to win best overall at the event thanks to soft scores, of which, composition was the most contriversal.

Considering Composition

The Out of the Basement tournament is suppose to be a complete hobby and gaming competition just as the old GW Grand Tournaments were.  One of the most interesting parts of the tournament pack was the composition scoring.  For WHFB you started with a score of four and where docked one or two points for spamming characters, specials, rares, and thunderstomping monsters.  Additionally, less than a nine hundred point investment in core would dock you a point as well.  Locally, this system got some negative press, but I actually thought it was on the right track.  However, one thing the pack did not penalize was massive horde units, or spamming core units.  So you could have easily fit three hordes of Bloodletters into a list, or even the trade mark Vampire Counts list could have scored a four by dropping a rare selection, and taking another unit of ghouls.   But to there credit the OotB crew also included subjective comp, so these armies certainly would have been marked down by their opponents.  Composition is never easy to setup, and I thank the the organisers for all their hard work!  If you would like to hear more discussion about the composition checkout what the Jadedgamers have to say, or the overall winner himself MrMalorian.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my coalition of thoughts on the Tomb Kings Warsphinx!  If you have enjoyed this post please share it using the tool bar below, and let me know by leaving a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Mike Sweetman

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