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Monday, 11 July 2011

A Warhammer Fantasy Blog: What to expect from FBR!

A fitting image given the title of this post.  See tons of other awesome Warhammer Fantasy conversions and pics at :

Not your average war gaming blog:

You can expect Fantasy Battle Roundup to:

1) Connect and promote the Warhammer Fantasy online community.

2) Be a short and concise blog that will only get better with time.

3) Include photos and thoughts from podcasters, bloggers, forums, and social media.

4) Have two posts per week.  One mid-week inspirational pictorial post, and a weekend collation post sharing and summarising thoughts from the online community on a specific topic.

5) Expansion from RHQ in the future, but to always be connected to this great site in some manner.

I have tons of ideas, but if you have something you’d like me to cover or any questions please leave a comment...

You can follow me on twitter: or email me at

I’ll leave you with an image from the Crystal Brush 2011 competition.  All three of the winners were fantasy miniatures! For more coverage checkout: Coolminiornot

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