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Monday, 11 July 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Tomb King Miniatures: First Contact

Tomb King Miniatures: First Contact
I had heard rumours of Games-Workshop putting up some photos of the new Tomb Kings on Wednesday of this week, but @TwogamerRadio kicked off Tomb King mania Tuesday morning linking the pics via twitter.  If you haven’t given the Wahammer Fantasy podcast a try, visit their updated website at:    con’t below
Magnificent Monsters:
The vast majority of gamers on the web were amazed by the new miniatures, but their where a few such as Dan Heelan reserving their final comments until they’ve seen the models in the flesh.  Personally I think the Warsphinx and Sphinx War-Shrine are made of nothing but win!  I wanted to contact an accomplished painter about the new additions, and Mathieu Fontaine was quick to respond to my inquiry.  He’s a Canadian painter who has won multiply Golden Daemons, and has been active in promoting the hobby.  He described the new minis as astounding, and suggested he’s been extremely happy with the miniatures GW have been producing.  Mat finished off by saying in May he will be picking up some of the range, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one keeping a close eye on his blog at:

Craptastic Core:
By far the biggest complaint I’ve come across on the net is the fact that we haven’t seen any new core plastics yet.  David Witek of Garage Hammer suggested GW wants to sell the remainder of the plastic sets before producing new ones, and wasn’t sure if too many people would be willing to take one for the team, and purchase the older models.  While I agree that the models are dated, they are however also easy to assemble and quick to paint, so they’re not all bad.   Furthermore current Tomb King players should be nothing but happy, because by the time they finish off painting these new editions, GW should be putting out a second wave of models, which will undoubtedly include sexy new core plastic sets to go along with the phenomenal beasts and monsters released May 7th.  I know I’ll be picking up some new Tomb Kings, if I can finish off my, Wayne Kempt inspired, 1500 point Daemon army.  

I’m interested to know what you think about the new minis…so please leave a comment!
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