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Monday, 11 July 2011

Orcs and Goblins: Balanced or Broken?

Praise from Podcasters:

The Ben’s @BadDice_Podcast did a great job of giving us their initial impressions of the new Orcs and Goblins army book.  Ben Johnson went so far as to suggest that someone using the list will win a two-day tournament in the UK, but was very quick to say that the new list is not top tier.  Considering how popular the Orcs and Goblins are, I think this was a safe bet, and although Johnson seems to be loving his Skaven, I’m sure his O and G will be making a return at some point, and perhaps he’ll make good on his prediction.

Lange and Nathan over at are as the podcast title suggests jaded gamers that don’t mind sharing how they feel about the latest products from Games Workshop.  But even after a couple drinks, these guys gave the Orcs and Goblins a glowing review.  They are often critical of games developers adding new and unnecessary units to books, but in this instance, they thought that the army book not only retained it’s character, but was also kept well balanced.

Twitter Talk:

Dan Heelan has started an Orc and Goblin army, which initially makes me think the new book maybe top tier because he’s well known as a very competitive player that is found at the top of the RHQ UK rankings.  However, he has been on a big hobby kick lately, and seems less focused on his tournament play, so maybe this project is just all about the hobby.  Ultimately, the HeelanHammer crew will be giving their final comments in their four hour Orc and Goblin review out this coming Tuesday.  With all the enthusiasm Dan has for the army, this should be the best army review has ever produced!

I had a brief conversation with @Rhellion via Twitter about the new O and G, and he seemed to think that they now have the ability to compete versus the top tier armies.  He cited a competitive game he had played with the new book against Dark Elves, and said he was very happy with the list.  He suggested that two Pump Wagons, two Mangler Squigs, and an Arachnarok are just too many targets for most armies to deal with, and as a Warriors of Chaos player I agree, and can see most elite armies having trouble with the match-up when it's supported by Hordes of boyz.  You can follow Rhellion’s progress at his regularly updated blog:
sora030 painted up this awesome Aracharok.  Checkout other photos at:

World Wide Wisdom:

Podcasters and bloggers aside, I wanted to get a feel for what the average gamer thought of the new book.  I decide to post on a couple message boards, but lately I tend to avoid the massive forums.  So first up I asked the WHFB players of the Canadian site what they thought of the new book.   The consensus was it could be very competitive in the right hands, and they proposed the level four Orc Shaman and two level one Night Goblin Shamans as an excellent place to start with your character setup.   I also polled the Illinois Warhammer Fantasy site,, were masterblaster stated that he talked to tons of O and G generals at Adepticon and they were all very pleased about the balance of the book, even though he himself was under whelmed by the new addition.  I tend to agree that the book seem, at this point, to be well balanced, but only time will tell if the Orcs and Goblins are balanced or broken.

I’m interested to know what you think about the new book...please leave a comment!

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