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Monday, 11 July 2011

Mid-Week Inspirational

Canada can Warhammer!

This first pic comes from fellow Canadian, Chris Hanes, host of the new podcast ‘Canhammer.’ Chris was part of the 8th edition painting challenge hosted by the HeelanHammer forms. You can also checkout the podcast at Canhammer I’ve been very impressed so far, keep up the good work Chris!

Tomb of Inspiration:

For those of you loving the new Tomb Kings you should checkout more of Meraklis painting blog in the fantasy painting section: here.

Brohammer’s Brawler Bash!
Erik Lindley of Brohammer has posted some great pics of the Brawlers Bash tournament.  Follow the show on twitter @Brohammer_cast and checkout more pics here:

The Land of Misfit Toys

Sean Davis recently attended the ‘Empire in Flames’ tournament in Melbourne, Australia.  He sent me the link to this great coverage of the tournament:

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