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Monday, 11 July 2011

GW News: Positive Perseverance

Simple Substitute

Internet forums, blogs, and websites have been on fire with the discussion about the latest news from GW.  Price raises and an embargo on the southern hemisphere preventing Ozzies and Kiwis from purchasing cheaper GW models from the US or the UK has dominated my reading this weekend.  
Chris over at nerdvillepopulationme thinks that with rising cost at the pumps and the grocery store it only makes sense that there is a rising cost on our toys.  It would seem this opinion is not shared by most though, and VaulSC a New Zealand based vid-caster recently shared his thoughts on the situation here.  Vaul does a great job of producing WHFB reports, but he changed his format with one of his latest vids suggesting that he is going to be moving away from the GW line of models, and constructing armies using the Rackom range.  I think it’s a great solution to the problem of raising prices, and though I believe GW have the best plastic kits on the market, it is now easier than every before to find excellent alternative miniatures to supplement your army, or to completely replace it.  Furthermore, there are few if any tournaments which restrict players from taking alternative models anymore, so if cash is an issue, invest in cheaper models!
I’m not sure if I really need even more detailed models to paint, but I will, like most, be very interested to see the quality of the new range.

Positive Perseverance
Some people such as Lange at the suggest that using alternative models take away from the game.  If you’re in this boat, and don’t want to try alternatives than I suggest you get active, and I don’t mean finding every forum and blog you can to rant on.  I mean talking to your local GW employees, calling the mail order line to complain, posting on the GW facebook group, or contacting them via twitter.  I know personally I’ve been turned off a lot of interweb forums because of all the negative comments, and wish people would speak out against GW in a way that really matters, such as this facebook group here.  Lets keep our online community forums, blogs, and websites a positive place to visit by expressing our frustrations in a manner which is productive!

Just wanted to take a moment to welcome @WayneKemp13 to the twitter community! Keep the pics coming Wayne!

I’m interested to hear what you think is the best way to create change, or productively voice our opinion to GW?

Thanks for reading,

Mike Sweetman

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