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Monday, 11 July 2011

Painting Miniatures: Find the Time!


As a new father I’ve been really struggling to find painting time, so I thought I’d sit down, and review some to the tricks I’ve used to find painting time in the past, and of course, see what tips I can find on the web!

Fellow Canadian Dan Byer has been finding time to paint.  This awesome Sepulchral Stalker was featured on the official Games Workshop Blog, but they didn’t mention that Dan has a his own blog here.  Check it out and watch his Tomb Kings army grow!

Top Tricks

1) Watch your time: Most people that can’t find the time to paint spend hours watching television, playing video games, or trolling the interwebs.

2) Make a list: For me creating a list of hobby projects always gets me focused and allows me to set achievable goals.

3) Have a Deadline: I know my list of painting projects never gets done unless I have a deadline.  Maybe it’s a game with a friend, or a tournament, but deadlines are important!

4) One at a time: Painting one unit at a time means that your not wasting time taking out other projects, or deciding what to do tonight?

5) Be ready: Have your paints and models setup and ready to go.  Have a dedicated table or portable painting shelf that can be moved around, so you can easily change the location of your painting table.  

6) Steal time: Often I’ll try to find ten minutes in the morning, or at lunch to paint up some bases, or apply a wash.  However, now that I’m a Dad I think the only way I’ll be stealing time is by staying up late!

7) Schedule: Discuss with your significant other a time you’d like to paint during the week.  Setting up a club night painting session, or a skype painting group like the pointhammered podcast guys can be a great way to insure you get in some hobby time!

8) Club painting: Stick a brush and paints in your army carrying case of choice, so that when you can’t get in a game at the club, you can get in some painting!

9)  Give to get: Find time for those that deserve it in your life, and they will give you the hobby time you deserve!

10) Get the right job:  If all these steps fail you, then I suggest you follow in the footsteps of @WayneKemp13, and find a job that allows you to paint your toy soldiers!

This is just a quick blog, if your new to Fantasy Battle Roundup please checkout the a full weekend blog post here.

This weekend FBR will return to it’s regular schedule of weekend posts with mid-week inspirationals when I can manage them!  In the mean time let me know how you find time to paint via twitter @FBroundup

Thanks for reading

Mike Sweetman

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