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Monday, 11 July 2011

Think you know Citadel Finecast? Think again!

Warning: some links in this blog may lead to round base viewing!  

Perfect Production?

The best quality miniatures in the world!  This is how GW decided to market it’s Citadel Finecast range, and I set out via the web late this week to find out what the big deal was.  I found some amazing vid-casts and blog posts you won’t want to miss, and a price that certainly suggested that these miniatures where the finest in the world.


Same old miniatures in the photos, but the new packaging may help you out.  David Witek @Garagehammer tweeted that the new treekin box set saved him some coin when compared to buying the old blisters.

Fine Vid-casters:

A search of Youtube found that there were really only a couple of videos worth watching, the first being by Mattew at  One of the first points Mat makes about the new GW product is that the price rise, contrary to the interwebs buzz, is unrelated to the Finecast release.  He reminds us that June is just the time of year when GW raises its prices, and has done so the last three years running.  Another video worth watching is RangerMJ's review.  This vid is one of the few which actually shows a painted miniature, and talks about how easy it was to assemble the new resin models.  He also mentions he’s tossed the mini down the stairs, don’t worry it’s a 40k model, and it not only stayed in one piece, but the paint didn’t chip!  However, the video you absolutely don’t want to miss is Watching Paint Dry's review.  This vid-cast does the minis justice, and I must say I really wasn’t that impressed with the minis until watching this HD beauty.

@cwalker690 was an eager beaver and tweeted one of the first pics of a painted Finecast model.

Blogger Bonanza

Mathieu Fontaine a Canadian Golden Daemon winner and blogger was at first extremely pleased with GW’s latest product, but after actually getting down to work on the models suggested that impossible to reach mold lines, warping, and a yellow tint to the resin made the product far less than the world’s best.  He did however say that Finecast isn’t all bad because resin models are far easier to fix. Personally as someone who is currently running short on hobby time, this is a bonus!  You can checkout an interview with Mat at Junkyard Arts.  Golden Daemon winners aside, the most informed and succinct blog post I came across has to be from the guys at Dice of Doom. They do a great job of looking at the good and the bad of the new Citadel production, and even discussion on why GW has chosen to move away from pewter.  For me, the most interesting of the points made in the post was how the new resin can be easily reshaped by simply using hot water or a blow dryer.  Last but certainly not least, the blog which has created the most buzz in the past day or so has to be Front Line Gamer. The blog post tells how the author drilled a hole in the horse leg of a Gandalf the White model, and after leaving it in the sun the leg melted.  I’m going to chalk this one up to user error, but consider yourself warned that Finecast products shouldn't be left in the car on a hot day!

A beautifully painted Shaggoth, from the GW blog.  As great as the paint job is I can’t really say I see a massive difference from the former pewter model?

Worlds Best Wrap-up

After trolling the inter-webs I’ve found that the new resin has its pros and cons just like the old pewter products, and have concluded that as of right now Finecast miniatures aren’t the highest quality minis in the world.  Reasons for this conclusion have been listed above, but also include the ironic fact that the biggest problem with the Finecast product is that the casting sucks!  GW has shipped tons of mis-cast miniatures around the world, and this lack of quality control is disappointing for a product heralded as the worlds finest. We however all know that the quality of the product will improve given time, and as Ben Johnson of the Baddice podcast said, it’s exciting to think of what GW sculptors will be able to do with Finecast in the future!

I’m interested to hear what you think of Finecast?  Leave a comment on the blog or on Twitter @FBroundup, or on Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Sweetman

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