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Monday, 11 July 2011

Midweek Inspiration!

Leaping Lizards

Robert Phaneuf is the author of the blog Random Digression Wargamer or RDW!  He’s been painting up a Tomb Kings army with a bit of a Lizardmen influence as you can see below. You can also follow Rob on twitter @Retroalias.

Goodie Gobbos

Another Warhammer Fantasy blog I just couldn’t pass up mentioning is the gobbo blog: Snow White Hills.  Not the highest standard of painting, but a great original concept for a Goblin Army.  You can see the author’s inspiration for the army below, and follow the gobbo blogger on twitter @Th3_Bobo.

Dark Elves TV

I managed to find these beautiful Cold One Knights on
Wolfbane has done an amazing job painting them up!  Tim Richards is also a Dark Elf player, and has been pumping out tons of video footage on Youtube.  Checkout the his channel here.

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Mike Sweetman

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