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Monday, 11 July 2011

Midweek Inspiration!

Wicked Wardancers

Tom McClure recently painted a Wood Elf army using tons of vintage models.  I remember wanting to collect an army of the Wood Elves when I first started into the hobby during 4th edition.  Unfortunately, I had to settle for High Elves, the only affordable option at the time!  Checkout Tom’s wardancer themed army here

Runefang Report

Pete and Jack Dunn have recently attended Runefang, a Mighty Empires campaign weekend! Checkout the coverage from both guys here. Pete’s Skaven look awesome, and have been based inside a ruined city.  This was a concept mentioned on Heelanhammer, so it makes me wonder, is Pete a listener? Jack’s OnG also look great!

Slithering Snakes

Just over a couple weeks to go until the Tomb Kings are released, and I must say these Giant snakes are growing on me.  I found these guys on the GW blog.

Duchess of Death

I was greatly inspired by the artists of the Crystal Brush event at Adepticon.  It was great to hear from the winners via RHQ-TV, and when Jakob Rune Nielsen mentioned he had documented his progress, I had never dreamed of anything like this. Click on Jakob’s newest miniature section, and watch as the mini is assembled and painted step by step!

As previously mentioned I’m currently blitzing through 1500 points worth of Daemons.  You can follow my progress on twitter @FBroundup

Let me know what you think of the midweek inspirational posts?

Mike Sweetman

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