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Monday, 11 July 2011

Arachnarok: Death and Destruction!

Slaying the Spider

Is the Arachnarok just another pretty model from GW with no place on the tournament table? I asked a couple of players from the Warhammer Fantasy community what they thought of taking down the beast.  Domus a blogger and Lizardmen player who recently won his local Ard Boyz tournament says the Skrox unit is great versus any monsters as it can't be stomped or thunderstomped.  The combination of ranks to insure steadfast, and the power of the Krox should be more than enough to take down the Arachnarok, even with it’s eight wounds.  Brohammer caster Erik Lindley suggests the best way to deal with the A-spider is to shoot it, and then tie it up with rabble hoping they will roll enough sixes to finish the monster off.  I think the combined arms approach is surely the best way to take care of any monster, but you must be careful not to have tunnel vision when playing the Arachnarok.  It’s such a big model that you can easily forget about all the other killyness in the OnG army.  I highly recommend you check out ‘Rule of the Day’ by Domus here, and you can chat with Erik on the Brohammer forums here.

Checkout other great minis by Dk-suit on

Mind the Meta

Next up I asked fellow Rhq blogger and tournament regular Adam Tremblay if he’d be changing his list because of the new ginormous spider?  He thought the Arachnarok was just another monster that his Skaven wouldn't have any trouble dealing with.  And I have to agree that a combination of slings, Warplighting Cannon, and a Doom Wheel are more then enough to deal with the spider. Adam did interestingly add that more Doom Wheels may make it on to tournament tables with the amount of monsters currently being released.  I agree with Adam, and think that we may see more Doom Wheels, and that few people will be changing there lists to take down the A-rock.  You can follow Adam on twitter @ATT64

I love the webs on the basing, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of it.  Check out other bits of Snikpik’s plog here.

Taking it to a Tourney?

Dan Heelan has said that there are no bad choices in the new Orc and Goblin book, and the awesome community over at agrees.  Wildcard, a member of the warpath community, suggests that the Arachnarock is exactly worth it's points, and that’s the problem.  The Hydra and Abomination are both under costed for what they do, so Dark Elf and Skaven players don’t have to sacrifice a lot to include them.  Unlike OnG players who really need to think hard about including the giant spider, or more boyz.  David Sweating aka @SquigsFTW is a regular tweeter and tournament attendee who has been very outspoken about the mediocrity of the new Orc and Goblins, and recently took two Arachnarocks and a Wyvern to the South Coast GT. He came 46th out of 148, and suggested he’s having more success with the Wyvern.  I think David’s list shows us the Arachnarock is certainly no hydra or A-bomb, but that’s not to say the spider won’t find it’s way into some competitive tournament lists.  I think in the end, Snikpik from sums this Arachnarock discussion up nicely by saying, it’s a great kit that’s fun to build and paint whether you decide to use it or not!

I’d love to hear what you think of the new Arachnarok?

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Thanks for reading, and thanks to this week contributors!

Mike Sweetman

All pictures used without permission to promote the Warhammer community.

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