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Monday, 11 July 2011

Midweek Inspiration!

Terrific Troll Tales

I love the look of the Troll Tales blog, and encourage you to checkout the awesome OnG pics, great articles, and easy to navigate site here.  Everyone thinks about doing an all gobbo army at some point, and this pic is a good example of the fun that can be had with such a project!

Sweet Socal Podcast

Later tonight I’ll be listening to a Rick Priestly interview, and OnG review thanks to Mike and Jason at  They are mainly a historical podcast, but you can see by the picture below that they are also fans of Warhammer Fantasy!

Master Mioumboy

Mioumboy at has continued to pump out great looking additions to his Tomb King army. You should really checkout his latest update here.

The Amazing Alfonso

Alfonso Giraldes, the phenomenal Crystal Brush artist behind ‘Dance Morka Dance’ does not have a site of his own, that I could find, but you can find another piece of his work below and even more here.

I’d love to hear what you think of the presented links and pics?

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Thanks for reading, and thanks to this week contributors!

Mike Sweetman

All pictures used without permission to promote the Warhammer community.

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