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Monday, 11 July 2011

Midweek Inspiration!

Smoking Skaven

I’ve been considering moving FBR to my own site, and so this week have been focused on the other WHFB blogs.  One great site I’ve checked out is another awesome Skaven blog Warpstoned.  Full of great pics, and recently just hit a thousand views in a week thanks to some great battle reports. You can also find the author Niclas on Twitter @Warpstoned.

Epic Ending

Another great blog
I’ve come across in my search is A Year of Frugal Gaming. The author Dave has just recently finished up the massive undertaking of painting his Orcs and Goblins army! You can congratulate him on finishing his first WHFB army on twitter @thefrugalgamer.

Stupendous Savages!

I’ve actually already mentioned Troll Tales before, but had to mention the Blog again as the author Dennis has done a great job writing up some great battle reports as of late, and has produce some great looking pics of his Savage Orcs.  If you haven’t checked out this beautifully designed site lately than please do!  Also get blog updates on Twitter @Troll_Tales

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Thanks for reading, and thanks to this weeks contributors!

Mike Sweetman

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