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Monday, 11 July 2011

Never Necrosphinx?

Competitive Challenge
So the general consensus on the web has been that the Necrosphinx is rarely going to be seen on the top tournament tables.  And although it’s a model that people either love or hate, those that love it will be trying to get the most punch for their points.  I have always admired competitive players that challenge themselves by taking weaker choices to tournaments, or those players that simple take the models they love.  And so this week, with the help of the community, I set out to discover how one can get the most out of their Necrosphinx.

This beautiful Necroshinx was painted up by Dragon Painting Services and is still for sale on ebay!

Interesting Interceptor
First up I contacted Andrew, the man behind Ohiohammer, a new WHFB podcast, and he suggested that the Necrosphinx is best used on the flanks to clear up units, and then combo charge in support of your main line.  I can see this strategy being successful with an offensive TK list.  One including multiply units of chariots and necropolis knights, but many people have decided they’ll be playing a defensive style Tomb King army.  Dan Humpage on the HeelanHammer forums suggested that in a defensive army a Necrosphinx should be held back for the counter charge.  I agree, and think with it’s flight move and swift stride it can have a lengthy charge distance, which will force your opponent to think hard about how to approach your lines.  But what units should the Sphinx be counter charging if it’s going to be successful?  Zarkdon from the site suggested the best role for the Necro is engaging knights, and I’d have to agree that I wouldn’t be happy to have the Necrophinx matched up against my Chaos knights on the flanks, with killing blow and high toughness it’d be hard work for them. Niclas of the Warpstoned blog also suggests the Necrosphinx should be used to intercept monsters, in hopes of holding them up with its high toughness. But is the Necrosphinx really a monster hunting machine as I suggested in my last blog post?

Truthfully I found this pic using google images, but it does look a lot like White Dwarf editor Andrew Kempt’s Tomb Kings!?

Monsterous Meta
Is the Necrophinx designed for the future?  If GW keeps producing monsters with each new WHFB army book, maybe the Necrophinx will be more viable in a couple years?  Unfortunately for those looking to include the model in their army, the answer I received from the online community was a resounding no!  The Necrophinx is not a reliable monster hunter.  Niclas of the Warpstoned blog cautions that the single heroic killing blow attack isn’t reliable, and therefore should be seen as a nice bonus when tying up monsters.  But I think even the potential of heroic killing blow will make players sweat, and perhaps even mis-position their heavy hitting monster. Also, Dan Sammons of the HeelanHammer forums  suggests that flaming chariots, and catapults are far more reliable at taking out monsters.  I’d have to agree that a chariot unit with the flaming banner is a great way to take down the Hydra or Abomination.  However, the true TK monster hunter is a Necrolith Collosus with a great weapon!  Strength eight and unstoppable assault is going to put a hole in almost any creature.  Thanks again to Zarkdon for that epic visual! Most competitive players will be leaving the Necrophinx at home, but hopefully those willing to challenge themselves will find a valuable place for it in their lists.  Whether it's tying up monsters or hunting down cavalry, the Necrosphinx may not be the optimal choice, but it does have its uses.

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Thanks for reading, and thanks to this weeks contributors!

Mike Sweetman

All pictures used without permission to promote the WHFB community.

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