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Monday, 11 July 2011

Doubles Tournament Roundup

This is something a little different from Fantasy Battle Roundup! Please let me know if you like the tournament report, and would like to see more in the future?

Lucky Lists?
The one day three game tournament was 2000 points with each player taking  1000 points each with a possible 10 points that you could swing from one army to the other.  I managed to convince my good friend and fellow blogger Chris to make the trip to the tournament with me!
Vampire CountsPoints
28- Ghouls, with Ghast232
24 - Skeletons, with full command212
21 - Grave guard, great weapons, with full command, Banner of the Barrows (45)348
Vampire Count, Summmon Ghouls (15), Dark Acolyte (30), Black Periapt (15), Helm of Commandment (30) charmed shield (5)195

Warriors of ChaosPoints
18 - Warriors of Chaos, Standard and musician, Banner of the Eternal Flame (10)334
5 - Hounds of Chaos30
5 - Hounds of Chaos30
5 - Chaos Knights, musician210
5 - Chaos Knights, musician210
Chaos Sorcerer: Chaos Steed (16), Extra level (35) Infernal Puppet (35), Third Eye of Tzc (25), Lore of Fire196

Game One: Ghoul Assassins
Scenario: Dawn Attack versus Dark Elves and Vampires!
Deployment: You can see the warriors were randomly deployed on the far right away from our main VC units on the far left.  To make matters worse the ‘fun’ scenario also allowed every spell caster the ability to cast several additional spells, and one just happened to be Searing Doom.
Turning Point: The ghouls being pointed at in this picture eventually engage the oppositions grave guard.  They would end up being destroyed, but managed to take the vampire general with them!
Right Flank: A couple castings of Searing Doom later and my right flank was in tatters.  Luckily, the warriors managed to hold off the elves long enough for our Grave Guard to eat through the entire VC army.

Bloody Ending: In the end we had to use the skeleton bunker to hold off the Dark Elves who, late game, managed to turn the flank.  Luckily, our skeletons held them off long enough for our Grave Guard to get involved! On the last turn of the game the elves passed their break tests, and our one remaining skeleton meant a minor win!

Game 2: Trolls FTW!
Scenario: Meeting engagement versus Vampire Counts and Warriors of Chaos.  We both started the game with half our armies off the table, so it was truly a meeting engagement, which meant the first few turns we were both just moving into position.  The ‘fun’ scenario this time around gave everyone hatred!
Turning Point:  The oppositions vampire general managed to die from miscasts early on which allowed us to collapse the right flank.
Eye of the Gods: Unfortunately we still had to face off against a unit of twelve trolls (the green guys in the centre) and a unit of fifty marauders with great weapons (top right), all with hatred.  To make matters worse the trolls also managed to roll up a +4 ward and stubborn, so my warriors with flaming attacks did little to them!

Flames of Glory: The trolls did fourteen wounds to the warriors, but weren’t fast enough to run them down, and thankfully we managed to tie up the massive unit of marauders with dogs and a unit of knights.  This all meant we ended up with a low scoring win.

Game 3: The Long Way
Scenario: Battle for the Pass versus Tomb Kings and Empire! We were up against three mortars, a casket, and a Screaming Skull catapult! A ‘fun’ gun line army!
Turning Point: I managed to puppet the Hierophants miscast from a five to a three, which meant the Hierophant was sucked into the warp!

Very Little Done: This game was pretty uneventful.  It involved taking off tons of models from mortars, and then raising them back as we moved a bit closer. In the end the Knights got the Catapult, the ghouls managed to take out the casket, and the warrirors needed another turn to finish off the Greatswords. We finished with another small win, and it was interesting to see a little of what the new Tomb Kings could do.

Winning Combo: The nicely painted army below was part of the overall winners Vampire and Daemons army!

Looking back now I wish I would have left a unit of knights, and my sorcerer at home, and taken marauders with great weapons, and a BSB to help them stick around.  Although, it was really cool auto wounding with Flaming Sword of Ruin!

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Thanks for reading, and thanks to this weeks contributors!

Mike Sweetman

All pictures were taken by me, and used without permission to promote the WHFB community!

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