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Monday, 11 July 2011

Storm of Magic: First Impressions

drear over on the Warseer forums has been whipping up some awesome looking Storm of Magic themed models.  Be sure to check out his other cool minis!

Storming Supplement:

Will Storm of Magic be another supplement that we get excited about, but rarely if ever use?

The book and models haven’t been released yet, but the Internet has been buzzing about the latest release from GW.  The supplement promises, massive magic phases, monstrous creatures, and magnificent new terrain for brand new scenarios.  But will these new miniatures be worth purchasing, and will these scenarios and new rules really have an impact on the way we play WHFB long term? These are the questions we need to answer before shelling out the cash, and hopefully, with the help of the community, I can help you get the best bang for your buck!

Mediocre Miniatures :

Will Storm of Magic be dead by Christmas? This was the question Big Boy Bucky asked via Twitter? It’s impossible to say at this point, but one thing that surely will be used by gamers for years to come are the new plastic kits being released with the supplement.  Many, hobbyists like Ben Johnston believe that the Cockatrice is a solid sculpt, but others, such as, HeelanHammer’s Wayne Kempt aren’t too keen on the positioning of the monster.  The guys over on the Bad Dice forums also suggested that the positioning and poses of the monsters aren’t the greatest.  And I’ve got to agree, the Black Dragon’s neck blocks out view of the rider, which just doesn’t make sense to me?  However, most of us just have pictures to go by, so it’s hard to make a final judgement, but my prediction is that, once again, people will have a different opinion when they get there hands on the models!  But Big Boy wasn’t really talking about the miniatures, he was suggesting that no one will be using the rules in a few months.  So I tracked down David Sweeting the Uk’s WHFB monster expert himself to ask, do more monsters make for more fun?  He replied with a resounding yes! Thunder Stomping being one of the main reasons, but admits that he uses four monsters in hopes of improving his painting scores.  I have to say, running an army with four large monsters, sounds like a lot of fun, so maybe this supplement has a chance?

David Sweeting’s awesome looking ‘Monster Mash’ army in the flesh.  Thanks for the pic Dave!

Let me know what you’ll be ordering by commenting on the blog, on Twitter @FBroundup, or on Facebook.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to this weeks contributors!

Mike Sweetman

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